Tips on Personal Statement Form

A personal statement application form is your key to applying and landing for a slot in your dream school, but it can also be a deteriorating factor to ruin your goals if you don’t make use of it wisely. One is associated with your purpose of applying for a school slot. Sometimes, the personal statement is also called the application essay to use when applying but if we were referring to the resume for your application, then it would mean to include these things.

How Is Your Personal Statement Form Made?

This will be your resume from or CV form to use when applying for a slot in an institution in order to become an expert in your chosen field or industry. However, thousands of students fail to recognize that this is one important marketing tool to sell themselves to the screening committee. Here are some tips to know:

  1. Include your personal details, such as your name, address and phone number as well as your email address.
  2. Write your objective in applying is and what skills/attributes you consider beneficial for the institution, along with its mission and vision.
  3. Include your qualifications to the employment application form.
  4. Write your accomplishments, achievements and awards, if there is still space.
  5. Utilize section headers to isolate things you want to put emphasis on
  6. Use only specific and strong verbs – the keywords
  7. Back up claims with data because quality is better than quantity.
  8. Reduce your personal statement application form by writing down only the most important points and not a story-telling blunder! Avoid writing too long and indecisively, waffling statements in your resume.

Tips for a Successful Personal Statement Form

According to, 43% of job seekers have used their mobile device to engage in a job search with 7% of all job seekers conducting their job search online while in the restroom.

Devote the time to write to avoid rushing. Clear your head from any clutter; it helps a lot for writers, and it should do you, too. Choose only specific points to mention and don’t think of relating your entire life story on the personal statement CV. Write using direct speech to save your and the screening committee’s time from deciphering or thinking about what you exactly means. The shorter and well structured the format and the sentences are the better your form is. For any help with your personal statement or any other types of papers, you can consult cover letter writing services.

Start your personal statement form right now!